Travel Photography Explained Briefly

Guest Post by Nora Wallace from On My Wall

If you are planning to do travel photography, you need to know that there are two types in it. Decide if you want to take photos as you travel or travel to click photos. This decision will influence many factors that are involved in travel photography. These factors are shooting locations, camera gear, time effects, subjects, etc. Well, if you want to know the difference between these two types of travel photography, you have landed on the right page as these are detailed below.

Travel to Click Photos

If you travel to click photos, the purpose of your trip is to capture photos. An example for such a trip is a photo safari. For such trips, you need to consider the following.

Carry photography gears as per your comfort: There is a variety of photography equipment or gear, but you might not feel comfortable to carry everything while you travel. It could be frustrating to decide what gear you might need, but keep in mind that too much gear will limit the places you visit.

Plan your trip ahead: Get all the details about the place you will be visiting. You need to research to know the great spots for the photos. You can plan ahead to help in choosing the gear that you need to carry.

Carry gear weather protection: Be prepared for any type of weather. You need to carry covers that will protect your bags from the rain as well as snow. You can change your lens and keep them in plastic bags to keep the sensors and lens dust-free.

travelTake Photos as you Travel

When you click photographs while you travel, your purpose is traveling and not photography. Consider the following to take photos while you travel.

Focus on the traveling activity: You might be on a trip with your family, friends or for a business purpose, but you need to focus on the main purpose of the trip. For instance, if you are on a vacation with your family, focus to spend quality time with your family.

Respect your companions’ schedules: When you travel in a group, you can click photos. You simply have to tell your companions to carry on and that you will follow.

Travel Photography Tips
Pack what you need for the chosen location
Do some research on the location
Never forget your battery chargers
Take your laptop to back-up your images
Always beat the rush, go to places when the general tourists are busy spending time elsewhere
Book hotels with amazing views
Ensure you have the right kit on hand
Do not take your work with you – leave it behind unless you are a professional photographer
If traveling to a hotter climate, ensure you pack your sunscreens and for the colder climates a cold cream
Ensure you get your white balance right while shooting
Take better candid shots – those cheesy posing shots will come nowhere close to smart candids
Understand your metering modes
A RAW setting is always the best
For long exposures use Neutral density filters
Ensure that you use Aperture Priority mode for maximum depth
Always have that one pic where you shoot into the sun

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