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We’re back from our vacation and neither Joe or I are ready to get back to work!  Can’t everyday be as relaxed as it is on a cruise ship, I had no idea how pampered you are on board!  I could really get used to it :)  We had a terrific time in Mexico and on board the ship, fun memories.  I’m slowly getting back into the groove of work, thankfully I had worked extra hard before I left so I could get everything that was pending done before my trip so I did come back stress free of any deadlines.  We had several nights when we had to dress up for dinner and the kids gifted me 10 minutes to snap shots of them all dressed up.  Anthony NEVER gets dressed up, he’s all about comfort so it was a moment to capture.  Madison’s dress is by Luna Luna and I can’t rave enough about it … it’s perfection!    

img_0852c.jpg img_0864c.jpg  img_0908cc.jpg  img_0912bw.jpg  img_0918bw.jpg  img_0926c.jpg       


  1. Mad’s hair and dress are just perfect. Anthony looks like he is in a Abercombrie ad!!! Need to catch up soon! We go on vacation this Friday for a week - headed to the Oregon coast.

  2. the first one is my favorite! But they are all great. :)

  3. could Anthony be anymore gosh

  4. OMG! Your kids are so lovely! The dress is TDF! So cute.

  5. It’s really not fair how beautiful your children are.

  6. The pictures are amazing!!!! Im soooo glad you guys had a good time :)
    We need to get together!!!!

  7. Love them! So excited to see you and the other girls on Saturday!!!! :)

  8. I think I just drooled on my keyboard. Man alive your kids are gorgeous!

  9. GORGEOUSNESS. That dress is fabulous.

  10. Flippin’ adorable! :)

  11. amazing kids!

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