Baby Drew

Filed Under (Babies, Kids) by Shannon Stewart on 18-04-2009

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It’s amazing when you get the opportunity to follow a family through milestones such as pregnancy, newborn, toddler and then big kids.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family since the time this little guy was tucked into his mommies tummy.  They are such a sweet family, Drew is adored by his mom and dad (and rightfully so!) he’s an angel of a child and a smile maker too.  I don’t think I ever truly heard him cry, maybe fuss a bit but never really cry … I think it has to do with his Mommies soft touch, sweet voice and gentle nature.   

If you remember correctly Drew’s mom was the one who showed up for her maternity shoot in denim knee high boots and  a mini black dress.  She’s continued to awe me in her clothing choices since then, she always looks amazing (even after being a new mom) and she’s got flair.  Drew showed up in clothes to match his mama’s style, even down to his Ed Hardy tee. 

_mg_1910c.jpg  _mg_1984bw.jpg  _mg_1802c.jpg  _mg_1824bw.jpg  _mg_2065bw.jpg           


  1. Ooooo YUM.

  2. omg shannon! i have the biggest smile on my face right now! they are too cute to be true! i cant wait to see the rest of them!

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