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Have you guys seen the website for Baby Star??  They have some of the cutest products for little babies, everything from blankees to bedding and now apparel!  Madison has two of their mini blankees and we love them so much.  She uses them for her dolls, she uses them in the stroller and we use them in the car … I could go on and on about them, we simply love them!   

The new apparel line is so adorable!  It’s a modern look with simple fabrics and super cute colors.  When Dana at Baby Star asked me to shoot some of their new sets I was more then excited.  I love her pieces and it was such an honor to be asked.  I brought in two of my favorite tiny tot models, Kenley and Drew.   

I have a lot to share (a lot) so I’ll post Kenley’s pictures first with Drew to follow tomorrow.  Words can’t even begin to describe how dang cute this little girl is!!! 

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  1. Oh man, she and the pictures are yummy!

  2. Cute stuff! And oh my gosh, GORGEOUS photos. I love the warm yummy light!

  3. How beautiful is that baby! OMG. Fabulous pics as usual Shannon. Have you ever taken a bad picture? I love Baby Star…they have great prints.

  4. That is one gorgeous baby girl! And adorable clothes! Wow! I need to go check that website out!

  5. She is so beautiful…I love your style…I know I must sound like a broken record, but you are *amazing*



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