Gallery Albums

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I took time before shipping off my clients gallery album to snap some pictures!  Gallery albums are really popular, and for good reason.  Gallery albums come in a 5×5 or 8×8 album, these albums have the best cover choices … something to suit everyone!  Inside are full bleed or bordered prints from your session.  It’s an awesome idea for those that love every single image and want them all.  I have several albums myself and love them!! 




_mg_2125.jpg  _mg_2128.jpg         

Along for the ride

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One of my favorite little models is featured in the new Tot Trends Weekly … she’s wearing a Matilda Jane Spring 09 baby outfit.  Check her out!  


Baby Star Sample Sale

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I always love to pass on good deals to my blog readers (I am one who loves a good deal!!).  Baby Star is having a super sample sale and the prices are crazy … insane actually … 

(my personal favorite are the mini blankets, we have two and I’m considering ordering more) 









March 1

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March 1 may seem just like another day to the average blog reader but if you’re a Matilda Jane junkie then you know that today is the day of the new season launch … HOTLINE.   

Take a peek … 

_mg_9711c.jpg  _mg_9703c.jpg  _mg_9885c.jpg  _mg_9611c.jpg   _mg_9956c.jpg 

I’ve gotten not one, not two, but many requests about where I got the hair flowers and hats from.  The hats were picked up from Michael’s in the doll section, they are baby top hats. The hair flowers were gorgeous hydrangea flowers from Michael’s and then they were just glued onto ribbon with a hot glue gun … super easy!! 

More tomorrow :) 

Whaz Up!

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Hey everyone!  I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits.  I’ve had a crazy week, I won’t bore you with the drama or anything but I will say I’m looking forward to the weekend. I need some retail therapy :)   

I’ve gotten the green light from Denise of Matilda Jane to start sharing photos from the spring 09 collection.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share with you all the awesome things we did for the shoot.  I could never of done any of (at least sanely) without the help from my friends (thanks Jenn, Rachel, Trish, Michelle and Kristin!!!) these moms and friends really helped bring the entire shoot together.  I’ll be updating my blog over the course of the week with favorite images from all four shoots I did. 

A post is never complete without a picture, even if just one … 


Valentine’s Day

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Wondering what to get that special someone in your life???  I’ve got an idea … actually I have a couple.  Email me (use the cute PINK “email me” in the right hand corner)

Fab Friends

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It always feels good to get emails of delight over something you’ve worked so hard on, a simple thank you goes a long way with me.  I get to work with some truly fabulous designers, people I admire and look up to and respect.  One of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over 2 years now is Denise from Matilda Jane.  If you haven’t read her blog yet (I highly doubt any of you haven’t) but in any case if you haven’t … you need to!  She’s funny, sincere, open and passionate.  I feel so honored to get to contribute images to her amazing collection.  Every season we bump up the shoot a bit, this year was by far the most fun and exciting.  I can’t wait for everyone to see the entire collection!!  The pieces are AWESOME!!!  I’m sworn to secrecy so that’s all I can divulge :)    I came home on Friday, rain pouring down and on my doorstep was a gorgeous bouquet of flowers siting waiting for ME :)  A simple card of thanks from one of the sweetest people I work with … thanks Denise!  The flowers literally engulf the entire room with their fragrance, our living room smells of springtime flowers.   untitled-1.jpg

product shots

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I hope everyone had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year!  I could go on and on about how lucky I am, how wonderfully blessed I feel to have the friends and family that I do and how much I love my kiddos … the greatest gift of all … but I’ll leave it at that :)    

I finally had time to throw together a small collage of images I’ve been collecting from products I offer.  I tried to take pictures of the Holiday Card orders before shipping them to my clients, I only successfully captured about half but it’s better then nothing!  We had some really great holiday cards go out this year, such adorable little faces, happy families and fun collages.  I want to thank all my wonderful clients, new and old for a wonderful year.  This year was by far my busiest and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you!  

These are snapshots, no fancy products shots :)  


and my albums  


Gallery Wrap canvas prints  

untitled-1.jpg _mg_6521c.jpg    

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Can you believe it’s finally here?  My kids are so unbelievably excited, I kinda feel like they are bouncing off the wall … the freezing cold weather doesn’t help any bit, if they could get outside and run around we all might be better off.   I’ve got a day filled with lots of yummy projects, we will be assembling our gingerbread house, baking cookies, making fudge and getting ready for dinner.   

I hope all of you have a joyous holiday season!  To your family from ours :) 

I never shared my holiday pictures of my own kids … so here you go!  

_mg_1373c.jpg _mg_1202c.jpg  _mg_1485c.jpg  _mg_1196c.jpg  _mg_1176c.jpg  _mg_1289c.jpg  _mg_1346cc.jpg  _mg_1422c.jpg  _mg_1456c.jpg         

Editors Picks

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I am excited to be featured as the editors pick for both Tot Trends Weekly and Kids Trends Weekly this week!  What an honor, like an early Christmas present :)  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again … my models are so dang yummy and delightful. 



I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this week, we are!!  We had a terrific weekend, some great family time and lots of insanely yummy food!  I’m lacking on sleep at this point and wishing I could nap today … wouldn’t a nap everyday be amazing?  I guess a girl can dream :)       

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