House Keeping

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I’ve been going through all my stuff and getting rid of tons … I have an entire box of shoes to sell!  It feels so good to be letting stuff go, my house was starting to get uber cluttered! 

Instead of selling this on ebay I thought I’d offer it here on my blog. I love this dress!!!!!!!!   

H&M Grey Dress, only worn for three shoots.  Size 6 (but fits like a size 4).   $35  

img_4308.jpg  img_4385.jpg  img_9046cc.jpg     

Kicking and Screaming

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Kicking and Screaming has a funny relation to this weekend in multiple reasons … first off, the kids watched the movie Kicking and Screaming  (Will Farral flick) this weekend, then while we were playing cranium a Will Farral question came up and then kicking and screaming is how you might sum up my feelings over summer ending.  We’ve got a few more weeks but it’s all coming to an end and it’s bitter sweet.  I’ve taken off the last 3 weeks to spend with the kids and do vacations and etc.  It’s been so nice, and I’ve sucked up every bit I could so it would last longer but even then the days still seem too short.  

I’m back to work officially today, I was unofficially off last week :)  I decided to start my week off with a fun photo shoot with Madison, she always gets me so excited and inspired to do photos and it’s just what I needed going into this week.   Here’s a sneak 


I always have clients and friends asking me about MJC shows!  A friend and client of mine is hosting a Matilda Jane Trunk Show on the day the season begins!  She’s opened up her house to anyone who would like to go, all you need to do is RSVP!  If you know MJC then you know things sell out quickly and if you want the perfect outfit in the perfect size then going to a trunk show is the perfect way to grab that outfit and to see the entire collection.   

party info ……

Wednesday, September 8th

9am and 6:30pm

 Yorba Linda …. hosted by Sasha 

RSVP t0:  (please use the @ symbol, I spelled it out so she doesn’t receive spam)  


Doesn’t Denise always have the best advertising!    

All Aboard

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We’re back from our vacation and neither Joe or I are ready to get back to work!  Can’t everyday be as relaxed as it is on a cruise ship, I had no idea how pampered you are on board!  I could really get used to it :)  We had a terrific time in Mexico and on board the ship, fun memories.  I’m slowly getting back into the groove of work, thankfully I had worked extra hard before I left so I could get everything that was pending done before my trip so I did come back stress free of any deadlines.  We had several nights when we had to dress up for dinner and the kids gifted me 10 minutes to snap shots of them all dressed up.  Anthony NEVER gets dressed up, he’s all about comfort so it was a moment to capture.  Madison’s dress is by Luna Luna and I can’t rave enough about it … it’s perfection!    

img_0852c.jpg img_0864c.jpg  img_0908cc.jpg  img_0912bw.jpg  img_0918bw.jpg  img_0926c.jpg       


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My sweet baby boy turned 11 last week.  I hate to even think about it, eleven today … 16 tomorrow.  His birthday this year was so much fun, he had a laser tag party in which all his best friends came.   Even the parents joined in on the laser tag fun, I think we all left a sweaty mess.   

Every year we celebrate the kids birthday by having a fun and special photo shoot.   It’s a fun way to remember those special days and to capture who they are at the time.  

Anthony is one of the sweetest boys.  I give him a hard time, tease him tons and I expect a lot out of him but at the end of the day I love him so much and I’m so proud to be his mom.   He’s a terrific kid with a big heart. 

This is part one of our shoot … once I get done editing part 2 I’ll share those as well! 





Schools Out!

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We’ve been on vacation for about a month and I’m just getting caught up on my personal pictures.  The last month of school is crazy, I’m sure most parents will agree … ours was filled with plays, graduation, field trips, parties and Fathers Day celebrations.  Here are some fun images from our last days of school.  

Anthony was in a play, he was the cutest jaguar of all :) 

img_0609.jpg img_0646.jpg  

Madison had her graduation from PreK  

img_0214.jpg img_0226.jpg  img_0571.jpg  

all she wanted for her graduation was flowers and a cake with candles 

img_0577.jpg  img_0585.jpg  img_0595.jpg           

Ending Soon

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It’s your last chance to get some amazing deals on boutique clothes!!!  My auctions end tomorrow so please take a peak :)  

Madison’s Resells 

My younger cousin Megan took these shots of the kids after Madison’s prek graduation and I have to say … they’re pretty awesome!  Way to go Meg   

img_0483.jpg img_0497.jpg  img_0498.jpg  img_0513.jpg  img_0529.jpg  img_0540.jpg           

Boutique Resells

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I’ve finally listed a ton of Madison’s clothes!  I actually enlisted a great seller who I’ve heard awesome things about to list my items for me.  She is amazing and way more on top of it then I. Madison has so many clothes we don’t even have space for them anymore, she has a constant double stack of clothes on top of her dresser and piled in her closet.  She needs her very own walk in closet to manage all these amazing clothes!  It was hard letting go of any of the pieces, especially because they are in amazing condition!  Pieces start at $9.99 and $19.99 so take a look and forward this to anyone looking for some boutique deals.   

Happy shopping!    

If you’d like to be added to my mailing list to hear more about MADISONS RESELLS then shoot me an email at zaq2112@dslextremeDOTcom Some of the great pieces I’ve listed are below  






the dugout

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With both the kids in baseball this year our schedule has been busy … I cannot even imagine how a mom of 4 kids + manage things!  Tball was really cute in the beginning, of course I love seeing Madison hit and play the field but man tball is slow compared to a minors baseball game.  I’m looking forward to moving Mads up in the league … you can only handle so much tball!   

img_012122.jpg img_4278.jpg  img_4475.jpg  img_0856.jpg  img_0864.jpg          

Happy Fathers Day

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The kids are nestled in their rooms making homemade Fathers Day cards.  I love homemade cards from the kids, the little things they choose to say are so adorable and mean so much (much more then a $5 card).  Madison still needs me to spell out everything she wants to say (which isn’t little).  It’s funny how most guys for Fathers Day just want a relaxing day at home.  Today is a lounger.  A happy lounger … our baseball team made it to the Championship … Joe is a happy coach and a happy dad.  Cheers to all the great dads I know!

img_7866.jpg  img_7872.jpg   

Kids and Dogs

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This week we celebrated Clover’s First Birthday.  I’m going to admit, I’ve never celebrated any of my dogs birthdays before but there’s a first for everything I guess.   The kids (especially Madison) were really excited and showered Clover with lots of love.  Madison picked out a corn cob toy, Anthony picked out a bone and I had to go with the cutest black kitty shirt with SPOILED spelled out on the back in jewels.  I know … gag me right? It’s embarrassing but all true.   


One of the fun things we did while celebrating Memorial Day weekend (and my bday) was go to the beach with friends.  We hit up Neptunes Net afterwards which was so yummy, the corn on the cob was amazing!! 

img_8186.jpg  img_8193.jpg  img_8150.jpg       

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