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Our chickens have grown so much, they aren’t even a year old and already they are full grown and laying eggs like crazy.  I love them so much, they really are a super easy pet to have and they’re quarky cute.  They run around the yard all day long, grazing on the lawn and occasionally begging for food right along side the dogs.   Both our chickens are so beautiful and unique.  We actually just brought home three more baby chicks to add to our flock.  They are being booted out of the house this week, waking up in the morning and finding them strolling on the dining room table is enough!

Lucy is our Brahma hen and she’s so beautiful, her colorings are gorgeous!  She’s the top dog currently and she rules the nest at this point.  Madison loves to chase her and catch her (they are extremely fast) thankfully Madison is so close to the ground herself she can catch them pretty easy.





  1. Love these Shannon!

  2. omigosh I LOVE these!! GORGEOUS!

  3. Wow…Shannon…those are fabulous!
    I wish we had somewhere to have some chickens, that would be awesome…Lucy is beautiful!!

  4. Wow, Shannon the Photos are absolutely gorgeous! You are my most favorite photographer - you work is really outstanding - and Nicole and I love working with you!

  5. I love chickens! In my dream “some-day” scenario I’ll have chickens and collect their eggs in my charming egg-basket as I walk with a cup of tea in hand.

    (STUNNING photos! Whatever you did to process these, all I can say is O.M.G.)

  6. Fabulous! I just love the lighting in these photos…so organic!

  7. What a beautiful chicken (I never would have expected to write that about a chicken) and a very beautiful daughter!

  8. SO beautiful, Shannon!

  9. You have chickens! Aren’t they great? These photos are amazing, love the rich, warm coloring and Madison’s darling freckles! Miss chatting with you:)

  10. you are just so good! your babe is beautiful of course but the photography is equally awesome.

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