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This weekend I got together with sweet little Emily to photograph her one year old pictures.  When her mom called me she raved about Emily’s sweet personality, she’s quite a special little girl so I was very excited to get to meet her.  The moment I met her she was blowing kisses, waving, smiling and engaging everyone around her.  Ususally it takes a good 10 minutes for a child to warm up to me and my big ole camera … but not in this case.   Here she is at the beginning of our shoot 

emily-7c.jpg  emily-4c.jpg emily-11c.jpg

After some fun running around we headed over to another alley to get some portraits of her … these pictures of her are so dreamy … I’m in love with her big gorgeous eyes! 

emily-42v.jpg  emily-40v.jpg  emily-60v.jpg  


  1. Shannon you are oh so, so GOOD!

  2. WOW!!! These are just wonderful!!!! Love her eyes in the black & white photos!

  3. The black and white photos look like they’re old pics from the 1930’s or something……I love them…..they are gorgeous!!!

  4. Oh gosh, what a little beauty!! Love your bnws.. they are so deliciously vintagey. Btw, thanks for the lens info! That one was already on my wish-list so glad to know it’s a good one :D (and also, you’ve been tagged… sorry *hehe*)

  5. The pictures look beautiful!!! Thank you so much for capturing her spirit and showing off her magical eyes. Our friends and family are raving over the pictures and your amazing talent.

  6. oh my, I want her in eden’s! Gorgeous baby & photos!

  7. These are gorgeous!!! I love her dress in the bw photos! :)

  8. You are my hero-I visit freqently just to get motivated and
    boy do your photos do that! Thanks-could you would you
    in a nutshell tell me what you do-looks like textures? and
    how do you get those eyes??
    Thanks so much

  9. So cute! I love your photography! It is inspiring!

  10. Hi Tamyra,

    I use Jesh De Rox’s textures, they are really great and add a special little touch to images. I use them sparingly, usually on a really low opacity. You can find out more about his textures at http://www.finearttextures.com/

    I highly recommend these!!

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