Creative DIY Photography Tricks You Should Know

Creative photography tricks are used in order to add some unique effects to the photos. The professional photographers make use of different Depth of Field to make their photos interesting. This way, the central subject is focused sharply, and the background as well as the foreground is blurred with soft focus. This technique will keep the subject as the center of attraction, and the surrounding areas look separate as they are blurred. The Depth of Field (DOF) can be adjusted by anyone using a DSLR camera as it is done by adjusting the aperture, which is the lens opening.

The lighting conditions in the environment will limit the DOF. If the opening of the lens aperture is large, the photo will be over exposed. The point and shoot cameras cannot make use of the creative DOF as there is no way to control the aperture or lens opening in such cameras. However, if you are planning to use your point and shoot camera to create a cool DOF effect, here is a creative DIY photography trick to do it.

All you need to do is to take a piece of plastic wrap that is clear and stretch it on the camera lens. You can stretch the wrap on the entire camera and tighten it using tape or rubber bands. Ensure that there are no wrinkles right in front of the lens. If there is a protruding lens in your camera, you can use a small piece of the wrap stretched tightly over the lens. Make sure that the focusing mechanism of the lens is not disturbed.

Now, use your finger to smear a bit of petroleum jelly or baby oil on the wrap on the outer edges of the lens and not on the camera or lens directly. This will give a clear central area that is surrounded by oil smeared outer area. When you click a photo, the central subject will be focused sharply, and the edges will be blurred as the light comes via the oil smeared outer area of the lens.


DIY product photography tips might be very useful for you

Clean the products: The products should be cleaned before shooting. You need to clean the products so that your catalog does not have dusty products that have fingerprint smudges all over.

Analyze the scene and setting: You need to take time to create a great environment for the products to be displayed. You have to block the background noise such as items and things that could be distracting the attention of the product. In some cases, this could be very easy as you can simply drape a blanket or sheet to create the background for the products to be displayed.

Background: You need to consider the colors of the background in a way that the product gets highlighted. For instance, do not use a black backdrop for a black product. You need to make sure that the product stands out in the photographs or catalogs.

Lighting: The lighting plays a significant role in photography. If you the flash that is inbuilt in your camera, it will create a glare and flat lighting. You need to use lamps and place them appropriately to create ambient lighting. This way, the light will not only shine the product but the entire place. With such lighting, you can create a very clear shot from almost all the angles. If there are lamps that are direct, you can aim them towards the ceiling. This way, you will get a soft feel of the light. You can do some test shot in order to know how it appears.