Photography Equipment to Have in Your Travel Bag


If you had been on a photography travel adventure or seen some professional photographers while you are on a vacation, you would have noticed them carrying bulky travel bags. If you are interested in travel photography and want to know what these travel bags contain, you have landed on the right page.

There are certain essential things that the photographers need. Make sure your camera is placed securely in your travel bag so that it does not get damaged.

Accessories: Ensure that the bag you carry is well padded and check if you have taken all the accessories such as lens cover, lenses, sling strap and a piece of cloth to clean the lens. You need to carry batteries as well as the charger in your travel bag.


Additional Batteries: Keep in mind that you can also carry additional batteries, as the photo sessions can be time consuming making your batteries drained out. If your camera makes use of a specific type of battery that needs a specific charger, you need to bring it along and charge the batteries whenever you find time. If your camera makes use of the usual AA batteries, you can buy lots of such batteries and keep them handy.

Mini Umbrella: The next thing that has to be noted is to protect the camera from any harsh weather conditions during your travel. You can pack a mini umbrella in your bag and use it whenever the weather conditions turn bad. This way, you can enjoy clicking pictures as well as keep your camera protected.

Memory Cards: Now, keep extra memory cards in case you like to click loads of pictures. This way, you can click as many photos as you want and later decide on the ones to keep. This will avoid the necessity to upload the photos from the camera to your laptop every now and then to free up space in your memory card.


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